hvac unitSometimes the simple solutions are the best ones.

A small company were spending a fortune on heating and cooling, so they  came to us for advice. As they had the older style mercury thermostats on  their equipment, we advised that they update the equipment to  programmable stats. All that was required for the changeover was some  additional wire for the rooftop units so, after a little wire pulling, the new  system was installed.

Well, they were stunned with the difference this simple solution made to  their bills. The fans were not running all night, and the heating and  cooling came on only when it was needed. And, with the savings they  made on their energy bills, the new equipment was paid off in just a few  short months.

Sometimes small alterations equal big savings!

Caledonia Integrated Services is an Energy Management, HVAC and  Electrical company serving Vancouver and the BC area. Always putting  customer needs first, we constantly look for ways for you to save energy  and money.


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