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Andrew Wilkie

Caledonia Integrated Services was the vision of Andrew Wilkie, the owner, throughout his apprentice years! The name was chosen long before the company was more than an idea! Caledonia is the Roman name for the North of Britain (now roughly modern day Scotland!), named after the local Celtic tribe — The Caledones. Although born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Andrew has a strong affinity with Scotland, his father was born there and now, more recently, it is where he found his wife!

Andrew started out with his first company at the age of 17, as a house framer! He soon became disenchanted with working in the rain and snow, and started to look around at everyone else’s role in the construction trade. He soon realized that electricians are called in once a roof is on a building, and he quickly enrolled himself in an apprenticeship! Once he became a journeyman, Andrew discovered that he missed being in a learning environment, and that is when he set his sights on an HVAC career! Now, a journeyman in both trades, Andrew brings an understanding of the whole industry to his company.

When writing the business plan for the company, Andrew was concerned that it should reflect the emphasis which he himself puts on the customer and the environment. Therefore, Caledonia’s Mission Statement is:

Caledonia Integrated Systems is a vision of the future. While being an HVAC and electrical service company, its main goal is to offer customers simple and cost effective choices for saving money and costs on building utilities. There are many products on the market to help manage and cut costs on energy; we focus on ideas and products that solve problems in innovative ways that create the best package for our customers.

Finally, we let the Values Statement speak for itself!

To be a cost effective, market driven, customer focused company who, at all times, will be honest, ethical and environmentally aware.