energy managementI didn’t know I could do that….

“I didn’t know I could do that” – the most common response we get  when explaining energy management systems to new customers!  Energy Management is simple…from turning off a light switch to full,  integrated systems; it’s all intended to make your life easier and save  energy.

In the bad old days energy management systems needed a dedicated  computer, lots of expensive software, and tied you into a contract  with  one company who held all your information. These days all you  need is  a box that plugs into your router. This is combined with easy  to use  graphics, which can be customized just for your building or  business.  And, because it’s web based, replacement parts are easy to  come by  and can be serviced by any company. Of course, all of this  makes the  costs much less, which opens up an opportunity for  smaller businesses  and buildings to use this system. With  programmable thermostats,  motion sensors for lights, and entire  building control systems – your  options today are much greater, and  more affordable, that ever before.

Let us show you something you ‘didn’t know’!

Caledonia Integrated Services is an Energy Management, HVAC and  Electrical  company, serving Vancouver and BC area. Our focus is Energy   Management –  saving you money whilst saving the environment.


Just a gentle reminder that a lot of companies close  down at Christmas/New Year or work with minimum  staffing levels. You can easily pay more than double for  a call out during the festive season, so make sure you  schedule all required electrical or HVAC work as soon as  possible….or be prepared to leave it until next year!

Caledonia Integrated Services is an Energy Management, HVAC and  Electrical company serving Vancouver and the BC area. Always putting  customer needs first, we constantly look for ways for you to save energy  and money.