This month we’re going back to basics, as some of you have pointed out that  you know very little about our business and the Tip of the Month has  occasionally been too technical.

So, the most basic equipment of all is the filters. All forced air heating and  cooling systems must have filters installed (forced air simply means that  the system uses a fan to ‘force’ the air through the space). Filters can range  in price from $3 to $60, depending on the size and type of filter. Some  systems need to use up to 3 filters in a row, for example in a kitchen where  the exhaust air must be clean or a hospital where the filters will catch micro- organisms. Let’s focus on basic filters in common usage though. You  definitely get what you pay for where filters are concerned. If you want  cleaner air and need to keep out dust (in a computer server room, for  example) paying a little extra for a quality filter makes a lot of sense.  Where there is lots of fresh air and natural air movement (a public building  with open air sections), a cheaper filter works just as well.

In most cases a middle of the road filter is a good bet. It should be checked  4 times a year, and maintenance programs can be set up to include filter  changes and equipment checks at these times.

Cheep Filter

Cheep Filter

good filter

Good Filter






Here is a video of what a filter should not look like.

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