What is A/C?


A basic question, but a good place to start.

Air conditioning is basically the movement of heat from one place to another. Heat pumps, ice rinks, geothermal systems and even your home refrigerator all use this principle.

An air conditioning system is a sealed system with refrigerant in it, which is pumped around a loop. There are 4 basic parts in the system:

1. the compressor, which is basically a pump to push the gas (refrigerant) around the loop;

2. the metering device, which is just a valve which controls the flow of gas;

3. & 4. an inside coil and an outside coil. One gets hot and one gets cold. In the case of a heat pump, the system can change which ones are hot or cold.

There are also endless lists of parts that can be added depending on your needs, but these 4 make up the basis of all systems.

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