The warm weather is finally upon us so here are a couple of ideas to make sure your air conditioning is energy efficient…

  •  Keep all doors and windows closed if you are running air conditioning. You don’t want to try to cool the entire city!
  •  Don’t try to program your settings too low. If you put the temperature lower than around 68 °F the machine will ice up, stop working, and cost you HVAC call out fees.
  •  Program your a/c to come on a couple of hours earlier, just for the warm spell. That way staff will be coming into cooler temperatures and are less likely to mess around with the thermostat (see above!)
  •  Make sure your filters and coils are clean for optimum efficiency. All that cotton wood last month will play havoc with your equipment if you haven’t had it serviced.

Stay safe in the sun – and have a wonderful July.


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