old mercury therrmostat

Mercury theremostat without cover

Old mercury thermostat

Mercury thermostat

Are Mercury Thermostats a thing of the Past?

In a word – yes! The old style mercury thermostats (with the little glass tube and the blob of mercury) have become outdated by modern technology and the digital thermostat.

These days the digital thermostats are mini computers that control your heating and cooling equipment (HVAC). The newer equipment is much more sophisticated than the older systems, so modern thermostats have safe guards built in to protect the equipment. New thermostats need to be programmed specifically for your equipment and needs, and this should be done by your HVAC provider when the equipment is being set up. Programming can be complicated and you will need the manual to do it properly. If you’re not sure of the controls it’s best not to attempt it yourself, you could end up damaging your equipment. A good energy management system is useful under these circumstances as all the settings can be checked over the internet, which will save you the cost of calling out an HVAC technician.

Finally, if you are still the proud owner of a mercury thermostat – it’s time for an upgrade! Mercury thermostats can damage newer equipment as they can turn on and off too fast, or be influenced by rapid temperature changes. Some manufacturers even warn that mercury thermostats can damage the control board of new equipment. It’s not terribly expensive to change to modern thermostats, and not only will it protect your equipment, but you can also program them to ensure you’re not wasting energy when the space is not used, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

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