How your building is wasting your money.

What is the biggest cost in running a building?

Energy! (Lighting, cooling and heating)

How can you control these costs?

Well, you could try asking your staff to turn down the thermostat and turn off unused lighting. However, this rarely works because:

  • no one remembers
  • thermostats are too confusing to use
  • too many people press buttons, without knowing what they’re doing…
  • which ends up with some areas cooling whilst others are heating
  • and finally, units are left to run 24 hours a day, all of which costs you a fortune

In the past the so called solution was a building control system which costs tens of thousands of dollars. Control of this building system would be put on a computer in the basement, together with a very confusing program, which the maintenance staff were expected to run.

But now there’s new technology that makes management of energy costs and comfort levels easy — a building control system that can manage either one stat on its own or an entire building, and can be controlled from any computer in the world.

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