HVAC unit
HVAC unit

Do you turn it off?

When doing a Energy Management building assessment for a client  this becomes my number one question. Most times I am met with a  blank look, or they have been told never to touch the equipment, or  it’s always just been left on since they started. With the rising price of  energy and the cost of equipment repair and replacement, the days  of ‘just letting it run’ are behind us. HVAC equipment, heaters, A/C,  exhaust fans, ceiling fans, lights, furnaces, and other equipment  specific to the building or business should all be turned off if and  when possible.

A good example of how this can save you money is a walk around I  did recently. I noticed the building was running a gas dehumidifier  and asked ‘the’ question. Well, it turned out that it ran 24/7 so we put  a simple controller on it so it would turn off at night when it was not  needed. When they got their next gas bill in the mail they were  saving almost $5000 A MONTH (yes, I did say $5000 – that’s $60,000 a  year!) just by implementing this simple step.

So, spend some time walking around your building asking ‘the’  question – you and your business will be glad you did.

Caledonia Integrated Services is an Energy Management, HVAC and  Electrical  company, serving Vancouver and BC area. Our focus is Energy  Management –  saving you money whilst saving the environment.


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