Cleaning a condensing coil

Cleaning a condensing coil

Welcome Spring!

Well, we saw the sun today, and since it was for more than 10 minutes we figure it must be spring!

Spring comes with decisions to make about your air conditioning and HVAC equipment – and how to get it ready for another hot summer (we hope!). Along with the general maintenance and filter changes on your equipment, we also recommend an inspection of your condensing coils. What’s that? Basically, the most common types of air conditioners use an ‘air to air’ system which involves pulling outside air over a coil to a fan, and that cools the unit. Over time dirt and dust build up on the coil, reducing efficiency and costing you money.

We get asked a lot how often a coil should be cleaned, and should it be done every year? The short answer is that it very much depends on how much the equipment is used, and how much dirt is in the air where you are located. Most equipment running on a normal work week, without any major pollutants around will probably be okay for two or even three years. Of course, the best judge of this will be your HVAC provider who will be able to let you know how dirty the coil is, and whether it needs cleaned.

One last tip for this month – with spring comes cottonwood! Depending on your location, some days it can even look as though it’s snowing. These are the cottonwood seeds, and they are a menace to all your equipment! If you are in an area with a lot of cottonwood it’s best to wait until after the worst of it is over to clean your coils, otherwise you’ll just end up having to clean it twice.

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