A/C Ready for the summer

A/C Ready for the summer

This is the time of year when everything starts warming up (hopefully!) and your equipment will need to run at 100%

In the HVAC industry the first few hot days of the year are a very busy time for us. Everyone switches on their equipment, after leaving it off all winter, so everyone discovers their problems at exactly the same time. So, test your equipment NOW to be ahead of the game. If the cooling seems a bit weaker than last year, if it sounds different or there is a new noise or vibration, call in your HVAC provider and get it serviced as soon as possible.

A lot of people put this off, and find out the hard way that in the heat of mid summer it is A. the worst time possible to be without air conditioning and B. almost impossible to find an HVAC guy who can get to you any time soon (and, of course, people in high demand can also charge whatever they like). Get any little service repairs completed now and you’ll find that it will be done almost instantly and all parts for repairs or replacements will be in stock. This will not be true in another month or so!

Enjoy your summer!


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