Why does my air conditioning always break down on the hottest day?

Hot day

Hot day

It may seem like Murphy’s Law, the temperature goes up and your a/c equipment chooses that exact moment to break down, but there’s actually a logical reason for this to happen.

The hotter it gets, the harder your equipment needs to work. For example, if it’s 28°C outside and with your a/c running it’s 22°C inside, that’s a 6°C difference. Now consider when that changes to 32°C outside. Your equipment now has to make up a 10°C difference. So, as the a/c works harder any little problems will start to show….dirty filters, plugged ‘p’ traps, dirty coils, bad air flow etc will all start to affect performance.

So, if you want to keep your cool over the summer…keep all doors and windows closed when equipment is running (otherwise you’re just trying to cool your entire town!!) and make sure your machinery is well maintained and clean.

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