Water pump

Water pump

Pipes v Pumps

You’ve probably read a few of our previous blog posts about a/c units producing water, and the problems this can cause without proper maintenance. The part we’ve not covered yet is how to get rid of this water! Obviously a drain is required but sometimes it can be difficult to install because of the units’ position and the difficulties posed in getting a suitable drain close by. This week alone we have attended two service calls with drain problems so, obviously, the universe is encouraging us to write about!

There are two choices when installing an indoor unit, which usually go above a ‘T’ bar ceiling. You have the choice of a sloped pipe or a pump, both of which would lead to your drain.

The pipe is the most common, mainly because it’s cheaper. If it’s a short distance to a good drain then this is the best solution but, if it’s a longer distance, the slope of the pipe has to be perfect and will need to be vented properly. This means a pipe should only be installed if a drain is easily accessible. Beware of tradesmen trying to install this purely because it is the cheapest option.

When the drain line becomes complicated either by distance or a requirement to go uphill, a pump quickly becomes the best option. The pump can be installed next to the unit, and then a hose is run to the drain. This hose can be run up to 100ft and even rise 20ft to the drain. Aside from the higher cost, the draw back to the pump is maintenance – they will need to be cleaned every few years.

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