Cosy fire.

Cosy fire.

Turn the thermostat down!

It’s that time of year again when nothing beats watching TV with the fire on and a big mug of hot chocolate. It’s all about staying warm and cosy, but energy costs can sneak up on you and you would be amazed at the savings that can be made by simply putting on a sweater (or cuddling up to your special someone under a blanket) and turning the heating down just a few degrees. Cool at night is naturally better for the human body. We sleep better when the room is cooler….your sleep will be deeper and the kids will get up less.

The best way to do all of this is a programmable thermostat, which will automatically warm your house just before you wake, and then turn the temperature down when everyone is out during the day. It can then be programmed to ensure you always come home to a warm house, and cool again for sleep time! Programmable thermostats are reasonably inexpensive and will pay for themselves very quickly in the middle of winter.

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